HITC Dota 2 Workshop Highlights - Armour Sets and Couriers

Lion The Infernal Eye Dota 2 set

We take a look at some of the more popular items from Valve's Dota 2 Steam Workshop this week.

Dota 2 is great. OK, I'm a little biased as I play it quite a lot, but it is, OK? Not only is it a strategic minefield of right-clicking, rune-grabbing, jungle-roaming, Rosh-killing, and 'GG' chanting, it also offers players the opportunity to add their own stamp to it with the Dota 2 Steam Workshop.

In this new weekly series we'll be looking at the latest creations from the Dota 2 Steam Workshop. 'What is the Dota 2 Workshop, Adam?' Ah, I'm glad you asked. The Workshop is a tool from the devs which allows users to submit their own items, armour, skins, HUDs, and more for the game. The community will vote on the creations and then Valve will usually put the best ones into Dota 2 for people to buy, with the creator taking a cut of the profits. So, let's get started.

First up we'll take a look at some armour sets.

Lion - The Infernal Eye

This set adds in 7 items across all of Lion's armour slots, along with a custom ability animation, custom particles, and loading screen.

Lion's 'Hex' ability will turn enemies into a 'Lava Creature of Infernal Eye', which sets them up nicely for Lion to then hit them with his new animation from 'Finger of Death'. Check out the video of the set below.

Check out more on the Infernal Eye set in the Workshop. Created by Meshroom.

Spirit Breaker - Myst Pursuer

Another full set here, this time for 'Space-Cow' Spirit Breaker. I've yet to see an armour set for this hero that I really like, but this one is looking good, especially the helmet.

Shiny red custom particles for SB's flail, eyes, and shoulders, add in some extra flair to his already daunting appearance. You'll think twice about roaming alone in the early game with this fella charging about.

Dota 2 Workshop Spirit Breaker Myst Pursuer

Check out more on the Myst Pursuer set in the Workshop. Created by Godzy.

Bloodseeker - Kindred Spirits

This Bloodseeker set is brutal, and extremely well made. It essentially turns BS into a sabre-toothed cat, complete with blood gushing from his mouth.

It comes complete with full armour and weapon slots, brand new custom ability icons, and particle effects. Take a look at it in action below.

Check out more on the Kindred Spirits set in the Workshop. Created by Sith Happens.

So, those are just a few of the top-voted sets on the Workshop right now. Let's move on to every Dota 2 players' best friend - the courier. There's absolutely loads in the Workshop, but I've just put the top two from this week here for now.

Hyeonmu courier

Look, a cute tortoise... that turns into a turtle! Usually with couriers you get a standard land-based one, and then a flying one when it's been upgraded. Here, however, the little guy levels up as you play, giving him a Viking style outfit that changes in colour. Have a look at him in action below, but watch out for the final section of the video, it shows his death animations. Sad face.

Check out more on the Hyeonmu courier in the Workshop. Created by redkita and KDL-01.

Little Fraid The Courier

It's almost Halloween, so of course there are Halloween-themed couriers. This little guy is part of a Warlock set - Simon's Retribution. Little Fraid is a pumpikin head with roots for legs, complete with fangs and a cape. Oh, and there's Greevil Taffy from the Diretide event in the top of his head, along with a TP scroll and Quelling Blade.

The video for the entire set is below, which shows Little Fraid at the 3:34 mark. But I'd say just watch the entire video, it's a rather professional effort and the armour set looks good too.

Check out more on the Little Fraid courier in the Workshop. Created by DotaFX.

That's it for today, but our second part will be on the site tomorrow, which will look at weapons and HUDs. If you'd like to browse through all the Dota 2 Workshop has to offer head on over to the Steam Community page.

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