ArcheAge’s northern continent is being added to the game next month

Trion Worlds has given a date of 4th november for the game’s northern continent Auroria to be added to ArcheAge.

Passage to the Auroria will unlock six new zones, four of which will be available for guilds to claim and build castles on. Players looking for a change of scenery will also be granted new housing areass to move to.

“To claim one of the new zones, a guild leader must cleanse its Archeum Lodestone with a new Purifying Archeum trade pack,” explain Trion. “Cleansing the Lodestone designates them as Lord and gives them power over the zone’s land. The Lord’s guild may then construct a castle to surround the Lodestone, protecting it from would-be usurpers. (The designs for individual castle sections can be purchased on Mirage Isle.) Each Lord collects property taxes in the form of gold from all individuals who build in their zone and can also destroy any dwellings erected within their castle’s walls.”

Rival guilds will be able to lay siege to claim other’s lands, “Periodically, a siege declaration item for each zone will appear on the Auction House and the highest bidder will win the rights to siege that specific zone’s Lodestone at a designated time.” state the developers. “If victorious, that guild’s leader will claim the title of Lord, all of the accompanying powers, and become the new owner of the zone’s castle (or what remains of it!).”

The conquest of Auroria will also bring with it a new 10 man dungeon called Serpentis, new elite enemies and field bosses, the farm wagon “for maximum trade route efficiency” and the Steamfish Submarine, which will allow for underwater exploration.

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