Welcome to Throwback Friday, the weekly article that looks back at classic games and movies.This week looking at Quentin Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction.

This week saw the 20th Anniversary of Quentin Tarentino’s classic film Pulp Fiction, the film that catapulted Tarentino from cult hero to Hollywood legend.

For those who haven’t seen Pulp Fiction, why not? It is rightfully recognized as one of the greatest films of the ’90s if not of all time.

Both written and directed by Quentin Tarentino, Pulp Fiction stars John Travolta as Vincent Vega, Samuel L Jackson as Jules Winnfield, Uma Thurman as Mrs Mia Wallace, Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge, Tim Roth as Pumpkin, Amanda Plummer as Bunny, Christopher Walken as Captain Koons, Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe and Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace. A stellar cast indeed and the film itself lives up to that, with every cast member putting in great performances. In fact the film and performances were so highly rated that the film received seven Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Director, Actor (Travolta), Supporting Actor (Jackson), Supporting Actress (Thurman), Original Screenplay, and Film Editing at the 1995 Oscar ceremony, despite this the film only won the Oscar for Original Screenplay with Tarantino and Co-Writer Roger Avery collecting the award.

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The movie itself is hard to explain without giving away too many spoilers but here’s a basic breakdown. The plot is broken down into seven segments, each telling a story of a seperate group of characters which eventually intertwine to bring it all together. The narrative is presented out of sequence, structured around three distinct but interrelated storylines: mob hitman Vincent Vega is the lead of the first story, prizefighter Butch Coolidge is the lead of the second, and Vincent’s fellow contract killer, Jules Winnfield, is the lead of the third. Each storyline focuses on a different series of incidents, however they connect and intersect at unique points. The film starts out with a diner hold-up staged by Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, then moves on to the stories of Vincent, Jules, Butch, and other important characters, including mob kingpin Marsellus Wallace, his stunning wife, Mia, and fixer Winston Wolfe. The film finishes in the diner where Vincent and Jules, unwittingly find themselves involved in the hold-up.

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Pulp Fiction has become a classic for good reason, not only is the story clever and at the time highly original but it is wonderfully enhanced by Tarantino’s brilliant and purposefull dialogue along with a great soundtrack. The soundtrack, or at least the way it was used has had a massive impact on cinema since it’s release. Tarentino, whilst not the first, was key in changing the way that music can interact with a story, creating an atmosphere and setting which had previously been reserved to original scores.

We can’t believe it has been 20 years since it was released, that really makes us feel old, and it feels as fresh today as it did when first came out. If you haven’t seen it, and again why not? Then you really need to watch it as soon as possible. It is a true cinematic triumph that must not be ignored.

We’ll leave you with a classic scene from the movie, one of the only ones we could find that was actuall safe for work.

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