Sony are holding back a big reveal for December but what is it?

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Hype builds as something likely to cause internet 'rage' is teased for PS4

Sony has recently announced their PlayStation Experience Event to be held in Las Vegas starting on 6th December. The company has teased that during the show attendees will get an ‘exclusive first look’ at something new coming in 2015.

True to form early hype is hitting the net that something huge for PS4 is to be announced that looks certain to end Sony’s year on a high note.

Gamepur has picked up and translated two tweets from editors of Gameblog France that don’t hold back on the excitement.

"I just learned the existence of excluded # PS4 which will engulf the internets BIG in December . Be prepared ." said Julien Chièze

Fellow writer Romain adds, "I know what it is and I can tell you that it will actually make a lot of noise ( and to rage ) . # RTPrécédent"

To add to the hype Sean Murray, the man behind one of our most anticipated PS4 titles, No Man’s Sky has also taken to Twitter to say:


And so the speculation as to what Sony has in store is now rife. The indication that the title is going to cause ‘rage’ could point to a multiplatform title getting (a timed at least) exclusive release on the PS4 (see Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox). Reading through community responses online and suggestions such as Shenmue 3, Fallout 4 and even (less likely) Half Life 3 have been floated. If the big reveal is to be a third party exclusive then perhaps the title is the now the apparently abandoned PS3 title Agent making a jump to PS4 although already being exclusive to Sony’s platforms this is less likely to cause internet uproar. We heard the rumour earlier this year that Red Dead Redemption 2 might be on the cards, should this be PS4 exclusive it’s bound to cause a big old stir.

Or is this all barking up the wrong tree? Could Murray’s assertion of something amazing point to Project Morpheus getting off the ground? This would indeed be amazing for No Man’s Sky. Are the tweets from Murray and Gameblog writers even referring to the same thing?

Until the reveal is out we can only speculate for now. What do you think Sony has in store? Also, what is it you hope the big reveal will be?

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