New TV Spots And Stills For Chris Nolans Interstellar

Interstellar Movie Hd Wallpaper And Poster

New Tv spots and stills from Interstellar find their way online.

With November fast approaching and Chris Nolan's next epic almost amongst us. It seems the marketing for the movie is also stepping up a gear or two.

Chris Nolan has garnered a reputation for being one of the 'better' Directors in Hollywood, with his reputation also earning him the slogan 'In Nolan We Trust'.

When people hear the name Chris Nolan, they know that they are going to see a good solid movie with a level of intelligence, even his last Batman film, (The Dark Knight Rises) although it was probably the weaker part of his filmography,it still managed to pull the numbers in at the box office.

Coming from a background in English Literature, it is my belief that Chris Nolan has been able to inject something new and fresh into a saturated film industry.He is a master of his craft and this stems from his love of the material and the medium itself. Just listen or read any of his interviews on film vs digital and you will understand he has a great respect for the older technologies and formats. This care and respect is evident in his films and it seems that his latest effort is of no exception.

So check out the latest TV spots and stills for Interstellar. Released on November 7th in the UK


Inter Article 1 10 15

Inter Article 2 10 15

Inter Article 3 10 15

Inter Article 4 10 15

Inter Article 5 10 15

Inter Article 6 10 15

Inter Article 7 10 16

Inter Article 8 10 15


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