Vine app lands on Xbox One, say goodbye to free time

Xbox One Vine app

Xbox One users can now while away their free time in 6-second slots on the new Vine app.

As if YouTube wasn't enough of a time-waster... actually, come to think of it, the internet is awash with things to lose yourself in and realise an hour later you've been watching cat videos again. Anyway, now you can get in on the 'Vine' action on Xbox One, with the launch of the new app of the same name.

If you're unfamiliar with Vine it's basically a video sharing service where users can record, edit, and upload their videos for all to see, comment, and share. What makes it different from similar apps and services? The videos are 6 seconds long, maximum. This concept was strange to me first too, but I've spent many an hour watching various Vine compilations on YouTube. The amount of creativity some people have with a short 6 second clip can be mind-blowing.

Now you can watch those 6 second clips of random people doing some insanely-clever, hilarious, brilliant, and often mundane, things, all whilst playing video games -  the app snaps to the side of the screen on Xbox One. Just head to the Xbox Store under 'apps' and it's the latest one to be added.

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