Watch Far Cry 4 to the sounds of 'I Will Survive'

Far Cry 4 Screen Shangri La Tiger Companion 1

The latest trailer from Ubisoft's next instalment to the Far Cry series evokes a Gloria Gaynor cover.

Another Far Cry 4 trailer has landed and it features a cover of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Surive' - interesting...

Entitled 'Survive Kyrat' the trailer features a slowed down version of the hit song, panning slowly around various environments of the new Far Cry game.  It reaches a crescendo around the middle to a short segment of gunfire and explosions, before trailing off again. There's also a glimpse of some monkeys on offer at the dinner table - kind of makes me want to watch Indiana Jones, you know the bit with the... sorry, I digress.

The devs also released a video last week which took a brief tour around on of the game's regions - the lowlands. The next parts of the video series will look at other regions in Kyrat.

Check out the 'Survive Kyrat' trailer below.

Far Cry 4 is due to launch on 18th November for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360,Xbox One, and PC.

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