Marvel’s Captain America 3 is said to have elements of the Civil war comic books’ storyline.

More Marvel movie news for you here – Variety is reporting that ‘Phase Three’ of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is close to bagging Robert Downey Jr. to return as Tony Stark/Iron Man in ‘Captain America 3’, due for release 6th May 2016. And wait, there’s more, the movie will have elements from the ‘Civil War’ comic books.

For fans of the Civil War comics, and indeed the Marvel movies, this is exciting news. The Civil War comics’ story centres around a ‘Superhero Registration Act’ which forces those with superpowers to reveal their identity to the U.S. government, and act under regulations as superpowered police officers. The story sees Iron Man and Captain America on opposite sides as Iron Man supports the act, whilst Captain America does not. This causes a rift between all superheroes for and against the act, meaning those sided with Captain America effectively become fugitives.

This news comes off the back of a tweet from Marvel yesterday which simply said ‘#CivilWar #1 — Summer 2015.’ So, it looks likely they’ll be rebooting the Civil War storyline to gear up for ‘Captain America 3’ the following year. Civil War was originally published in July 2006.

Does this also signal that Spider-Man is to make an appearance in ‘Captain America 3’ or later Avengers movies? We’ll have to wait and see.

Last week RDJ kept up some confusion as to whether he’d be reprising his role of Tony Stark in Iron Man 4. But, whilst we’re still unsure if anything is in the works for such a movie RDJ did speak about Marvel having ‘big ideas’ and ‘a plan’ for other movies in the cinematic universe – could the Civil War plot be one of those ideas?

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