Dragon Age: Inquisition stream shows war table, PC UI, and spoilers

Dragon Age Inquisition War Table Skyhold 1

Bioware hosted another livestream of the new Dragon Age to focus on the PC version's features, along with a look at the war table and further gameplay.

In a new livestream broadcast from Bioware yesterday Cameron Lee and Mike Laidlaw spoke about and showed off more Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay on PC, complete with 'keyboard-cam.'

Spoilers are shown in the video below from early on in the game, so avoid if you're wanting to save yourself until it's released next month.

First off the devs visit Dragon Age: Inquisition's specialists, with your first meeting with the advisers around the war table. You'll get to see various choices of response to dialogue, using different emotional comebacks. The advisers also discuss different topics with the player, giving their opinions, and offering up a chance for the player to respond in a number of ways.

After the initial conversation you get a look at the war table, where players will deploy their scouts, overview available missions, and make choices on what they'd like to do.

The livestream moves on to Emerald Graves gameplay later in the story too, showing off the Knight Enchanter class. The devs talk about and show the PC UI in more detail here too.

Check out the video below for a wealth of DA content.

Dragon Age: Inquistion launches on 18th November for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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