Kickstarter campaign for a nostalgic book about the legendary Commodore Amiga gets funded by fans

A few months ago a graphic designer by the name of Sam Dyer set out to create a book that looked at the very best games that came out for the iconic Commodore 64 from its start in 1982 right up to the present day (yes people still make and play games on it!)

The book which was simply titled, Commodore 64: A Visual Compendium was well subscribed to on Kickstarter and went ahead as planned (after reaching 177% of the funding target) and was published by Bitmap Books.

The premise of the book was simple. It paid homage to some of the greatest games that had ever been bestowed on the humble C64 and evoked that warm feeling that only pure nostalgia can do with huge visual spreads of the key games that made the humble 8 Bit machine so popular.

Thanks to the success of the first book, a new one was quickly announced as soon as it shipped off to the backers and promised to follow the same visual style as the first. This book has been fittingly titled Commodore Amiga: A Visual Compendium.

Whilst the original book gained funding over a period of weeks with various goodies thrown in for good measure depending on how much was pledged, the Amiga compendium’s Kickstarter campaign started early yesterday morning and by the early evening has surpassed the funding required to go ahead.

Sam Dyer of Bitmap Books was quite overwhelmed with the response as he stated in his newsletter to backers the morning after the first official day of funding;

‘In all my years, I’ve never quite experienced a day like today. After the success of the C64 book, I had a strong feeling that the Amiga campaign would succeed but to be 126% funded (as I type) on day 1 is truly staggering.’

The book just like the Amiga itself will be far larger than the C64 edition with historical insight from some of the most popular developers from the era including Ocean Software, Cinemaware, Team 17, Sensible Software, Bitmap Brothers, Lucasfilm games and Delphine Software. If you’re a fan of the Amiga you’re probably already listing the games these giants made in your head right now but you’ll have to wait and see for yourself if they make it in.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently sitting at 148% funding via nearly 850 backers with 28 days left to go. Backers can pledge anything from £5 for a digital PDF version of the visual compendium all the way up to £1000+ for a signed hardback copy and a myriad of other goodies that come with a pledge of this size. The campaign also has stretch goals meaning that extra pages of content and more will be added once it hits certain funding thresholds.

One thing that will get hardcore Amiga fans drooling with anticipation is that one of the rewards is a replica boxed replica version of Putty Squad which never officially came out (bar a demo disk) and is considered the Holy Grail of unreleased Amiga games so definitely one for the retro collectors who are reading this. There are 100 copies of the game being made for the campaign and 50 will be signed by the original development team as well.

The book is scheduled to ship to backers in February 2015. You can find out more about the campaign here or check out the video below to get an overview of the book itself.


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