The top five most anticipated PS4 games coming in 2015

Bloodborne combat

HITC’s pick of the games known to be coming to PS4 in 2015

We look ahead to 2015's PS4 must-haves, and to be fair next year is looking like a great year all round for the 8th generation. Here are the top 5 PS4 games that currently have our interests piqued.

5. Rime

A trailer from Gamescom (see above) revealed more of Rime, after a lengthy silence following the game's first reveal in 2013. Ever since seeing Rime’s Ico-esque character and smooth cel-shaded looks, we’ve been interested to play this one. Revelations teased from Rime’s latest trailer talk of perspective puzzles, a world full of subtle symbols and a living Island entity that you explore.


4. The Order: 1886

It’s always good to see a new action adventure IP, especially as we move out of a year where we’ve seen a wave of remasters and sequels. The Order takes you to an alternative steam-punky Victorian universe where a group of knights referencing arthurian legend battle a race of half-breed mutants with quasi-futuristic weapons supplied by Nikola Tesla, sound interesting?


 3. No Man's Sky 

Procedural generation is nothing new, but it’s the sheer extent to which No Man’s Sky is using it to create a mind-blowingly huge and varied universe that makes this game so interesting. We’ve heard that No Man’s Sky will have a ‘soft’ faction system (where you’re not notified on a HUD if you’ve gained or lost standing) which gives an old school feel and adds to the immersion of freely zipping around, visiting planets, getting into battles in space and all the other things you’d get up to if you were left to your own devices in the universe with your own space ship. The game has a sumptuous style as well, that smacks of classic sci-fi book illustrations, we can’t wait for this one.


2. Bloodborne

From Software are making their first PlayStation exclusive since Demon’s Souls this time taking a detour from the Souls series to bring some goth-punk monster slaying. Dark Souls this game is not, but there’s a similar feel and despite giving you a Regain system (that grants you health back with well timed attacks) Bloodborne in demos has proven to be a tough enough challenge. If there’s one thing From Software do with true excellence it’s combat.


1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted’s return could well be the proverbial Mario Kart 8 for Sony, as in the sense that the game is going to sell more PS4s (not that Sony are having that much trouble shifting them at the moment). There’s a definite vibe out there that some PS3 gamers are biding their time for the next Uncharted before upgrading, and no doubt we’re going to see the obligatory special edition game+console bundle/collectable figurine/pre-order bonus offers to spice things up. All this aside, since Uncharted started out on PS3 it’s been a series that shines on PlayStation. With just the right balance of climbing, shooting and cinematic panache the Uncharted games have all been memorable and even the tacked-on multiplayer has been fun. Drake’s been weathered-up in this one and the game’s title insinuates a final turn for the chirpy tomb raider, although we suspect otherwise.


So those are the top five games we’re getting most excited about for PS4 next year. What are yours?

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