UPDATED - Star Citizen stage demo goes from space to planet in real-time

Star Citizen

During Citizen Con in Los Angeles Chris Roberts hosted a stage demo shwoing off Star Citizen's planetside gameplay.

Update - 15/10/2014 15:55

The developers of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, have uploaded a much higher quality version of the demo shown last week. Take a look below. Thanks, Eurogamer.

Original story - 12/10/2014 12:58

At the Citizen Con event in Los Angeles on Friday some planetside gameplay footage was shown of Chris Roberts' and Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen.

Introducing the stage demo, Roberts goes on to say the footage shown is completey in-game, in-engine, but it's still in an early prototype build.

The demo below shows a player piloting their ship in space as they leave their cockpit and explore the ship itself, moving around and looking out through windows into the darkness of space. They then return to their pilot seat, request permission to land on a planet, and subsequently enter its atmosphere to discover a huge futuristic metropolis. The player flies their ship through the city to a designated landing zone, exits, and proceeds through a customs-like scanner into a trade area.

Roberts explained that 'If you land on a bustling successful planet, there will be a lot of people going about their business, the place will look great.' He went on to say, 'if you land on a planet that's not doing so well then you'll see graffiti and maybe there's more crime and not as many people. We'll also have a fair amount NPC, PvE kind of stuff that's going to happen on the planet.'

The footage is all in real-time and switches between first-person and third-person views. It's captured from the livestream of the demo, so the quality is 100%, but you'll still get a sense of the scale and attention to detail. Check it out below.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha and has raised almost $58 million in crowdfunding -  you can see more information over on the official website.

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