HITC looks over the remastered game from Square Enix

Having played ‘Sleeping Dogs‘ on the Xbox 360 and being left with a positive impression, I was more than happy to have a play on the Xbox One version. But was it worth it? 

In this game you will play the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop who has been sent to infiltrate the Triads by becoming a member of the Sun on Yee.

The role of Wei Shen will involve carrying out missions for the Triad organisation in order to progress through the story and increase your characters skill attributes. But if you like playing a game to its fullest there are also many side missions to access, these will also build up your character skill level and will help you progress through the more testing times of the story line.

I really enjoyed playing ‘Sleeping Dogs’ on the Xbox 360 and the transition from that console to the Xbox One is pretty much identical in terms of game play experience. Obviously with it being a remastered edition, the game has been given a graphics overhaul, which in my opinion has brought it on Par with the graphics in UbisoftsWatchdogs‘, which is by no means bad, but neither game really impressed me in this aspect, but they were still good enough not to affect my overall experience.


I think one of the best aspects of this game is the combat dynamic. No need for over complicated button smashing, this game offers a simplistic yet effective hand to hand combat system and much like ‘Ryse: Son Of Rome‘ taking on multiple AI opponents hasn’t been so much fun, and for me is probably one of the games strongest features. 

The use of guns is also another cool attribute in the game, with convincing guns sounds and a decent hit registering system this was also extremely rewarding. Guns can also be shot from the car, allowing the player to enter a slow motion mode while aiming and shooting, along with the games cut scenes this adds a very cinematic quality to the game. 

The biggest criticism I have for this game is the driving. Yes I understand that it isn’t supposed to be the next ‘Forza Horizon‘, but with such a good game in all other areas it was a shame this dynamic didn’t match up to the rest. For me the only difference in vehicles was the speed, there was no real effort put into the handling of each vehicle and the developers would do well to take note from the ‘Grand Theft Auto‘ series on this aspect.

So. Do I think the game is worth the remastering? or more importantly the price tag?.Well with most game websites marking it up for just under £40.00 I think it very much depends on weather you have played it on an older console. That is to say you played all of the downloadable content as well. Which is what makes the definitive edition all that more attractive.

Included in the downloadable content are extra costumes and two extra story modes among other items. The first extra story mode is ‘Nightmare In North Point‘ which has Wei Shen chasing down a demon called Smiley Cat while beating up multiple hopping zombies in his path, paying homage to films like ‘Encounters Of The Spooky Kind‘. The second included story mode is ‘Year Of The Snake‘ . This story mode has Wei Shen returning to the streets as a beat cop and following clues behind an initial failed bomb threat. This package is the true extension to the main story.   

The game itself I would give an 8/10. For those that have played the game and downloadable content on the Xbox 360 I would not recommend to rush and buy the game as the remastering is not enough of a reason to part with £40.00. However for those that missed the game the first time round I would happily recommend this version on the Xbox One as it also includes the extra downloadable content and is also a good substitute for those that felt let down by Ubisofts Watchdogs.

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