Bayonetta 2 Demo Impressions - dancing with a naked witch

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Adam has been spending some time as an Umbra Witch in Platinum Games' demo for the sequel to Bayonetta on the Nintendo Wii U. But has he been converted to into the coven?

The demo for Bayonetta 2 was made available on Nintendo's European eShop a few days ago, so I've been taking a look at it to bring you my impressions. I'm not really familiar with Bayonetta, so suffice to say I was pretty damn confused with what was happening.

First off I'll say this - yes it's a demo, and yes it's there to give you a feeling of what you'll experience in the full game, so if you're looking for any kind of context or story when you play the demo yourself, you won't get any.

I was thrown straight into the action and shown some quick tutorials on how to attack with combos (using punches, kicks, and even high-heel pistols), dodge, and use my special 'Umbran Climax' ability. Speaking of combos, there are some pretty elaborate-looking ones that call forward portal-like openings shooting out either a giant fist or foot, complete with high heel, to pummel and squash your foes. These attacks cause Bayonetta's clothing - made from her hair (it's OK, I don't know either) - to leave her body and form the giant fists, boots, or even monsters, leaving her semi-nude in the process. So as you're executing these moves she's practically naked the whole time  - like a dancing, naked, magical witch lady.

It appears the game is awash with sexual undertones, from the nudey-combat attacks, to some of the wording used, and even the way Bayonetta herself moves and talks. Or maybe it's just the way my sordid mind is interpreting it all? Either way, this definitely ain't one for the kids, despite the Wii U's general 'family image'.

Bayonetta 2 Screen Naked 1Somebody get Bayonetta a Lemsip, she'll catch a cold with the amount of hair attacks she does!

The combat feels slick and it reminds me of the Devil May Cry games a little - plenty of button bashing and alternating your attack button presses to pull of impressive combos, whilst dodging at precise moments to activate a brief slo-mo 'Witch Time' period and delivering even more damage to your foes.

The enemies I encountered spanned from headless centaur-looking creatures with spears, to a much larger boss-like creature that ran behind the fast-moving train I was on top of. I had to dodge its attacks and hit it when I could until going toe-toe with it. There's another boss enemy you have to vanquish, but I'll let you play the demo to see that little fella.

The art style is elaborate and ornate in appearance, with the enemy designs looking a little too 'busy' and complex for my tastes, but I can see many other people liking it. The game's graphics are crisp and definitely pleasing to the eye however.

In summary, you should definitely download the demo, at the very least because it's free, but I think many people will get a kick out of it. As a demo it appears to deliver exactly what you'd want - a quick overview of the controls, a showcase of Bayonetta 2's satisfyingly fast-paced combat, and plenty of pretty things to look at. If the full game offers up more of what the demo teases, then it looks like Bayonetta 2 has made it onto my wishlist.

Bayonetta 2 is due to launch in the US and Europe on 24th October, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. The game has been out in Japan since 20th September.

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