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Welcome to Throwback Friday, the weekly article that looks back at classic games and movies.This week looking at a true cult comedy classic from the 80s

For years there’s been talk of a Ghostbusters sequel, and this week we heard the news that one looks more likely than ever with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig tweeting he’s going to be doing the directorial honours.

Given this and the fact Ghostbusters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, I thought I’d write about the movie for this week’s bit of Friday nostalgia.

It’s easily one of the 80s movies I’ve seen most, back in the VHS days I’d copied it off TV (with all the rudeness and swearing over-dubbed with much nicer words for the children watching) and that video got watched to death when I was a kid.

The movie is rich with quotable one-liners and the premise that you could go out and catch yourself a ghost inspired plenty of ghost hunting make believe.

But Ghostbusters also has that Simpson-esque appeal, there are jokes i missed as a kid and get watching it back in later years.

Ghostbusters follows the story of a group of discredited misfit parapsychologists who branch out on their own to set up a paranormal investigation and elimination service - pest control for ghosts. As events unfold the Ghostbusters, initially met with skepticism, end up saving the day in an end sequence that is both epic and bizarre.

The central ghostbusting comedy match up of Harold Ramis (who sadly died this year) as the straight scientist Egon Spengler (who thought that “print is dead”) along with the fanatical Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd, the charmingly cavalier Pete Venkman (Bill Murray) and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) has the four working off each other brilliantly. The quartet has a great supporting cast with Rick Moranis Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver all giving memorable performances.

Ghostbusters has a great soundtrack too - not just for Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters (which made it to number 2 in the UK singles chart) but also for Elmer Bernstein’s distinctive themes. I have to also give Mick Smiley’s Magic a mention, it’s a great piece of atmospheric drum machine-driven droning that instantly conjures the 80s when you hear it.

Ecto 1 Ghostbusters

The movie even had it’s own iconic motor in the shape of Ecto 1, which is up there with Back to the Future’s DeLorean, KITT and The A-Team van as one of the 80’s classic screen cars.

Ghostbusters spawned toys, merchandising, cartoon series, video games and a sequel; which despite the bogus accents and overtly feel-good nature doesn’t deserve the grilling it got in my eyes. Now 30 years on another sequel is on the way, all testament to the films greatness

I leave you with one of my favourite scenes from Ghostbusters, if you’ve not seen the movie before - beware spoilers, there’s a bit of a swear in it aswell.

What’s your favourite Ghostbusters quote?

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