Gamer beats Dark Souls 2 using a Rock Band guitar controller

Dark Souls 2

Twitch streamer Bearzly has delivered on his promise to defeat the sequel to From Software's Dark Souls using a guitar controller.

Beating a Dark Souls game is quite an achievement in iteself, but doing it using a Rock Band guitar controller is something else entirely. That's exactly what Twitch streamer Bearzly has done over on his channel.

In a post on Reddit, Bearzly explains that he tackled Dark Souls 2 using the Rock Band controller as he initially promised to do so when he beat Dark Souls the same way last month.

He used a similar control mapping this time around to the one he used to beat the first game. Take a look at the original mapping below.

Dark Souls Rock Band Controller mapping Bearzly

Bearzly goes on to explain that he beat all 41 bosses in the game, including the ones in the DLC, and it took him just over 9 hours to do so, with 92 deaths. He even mentions that he finds it quite comfortable playing with the Rock Band controller. Watch his efforts over on his Twitch channel.

I've put his first video showing him defeat Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls below, and under that there's his latest Dark Souls 2 video with him defeating Darklurker - a boss he says was the hardest he had to tackle. Next Bearzly is looking to beat Dark Souls using a Wiimote... how he'll do that I don't know, but I look forward to seeing it.

Guitar Souls - Ornstein and Smough

Guitar Souls 2 - Darklurker

HITC's Steve Reynold's reviewed Dark Souls 2 when it was released earlier this year, and whilst he said it wasn't as difficult as its predecessor, I'm sure he didn't envisage people trying to make it harder by using guitar controllers.

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