Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy game shows off some more combat gameplay, and Hajime Tabata answers fan questions.

Some new gameplay footage for Final Fantasy XV has emerged online – it comes from a broadcast the FFXV director Hajime Tabata held which showed off more of the game’s combat.

The video below is an extended version of the gameplay demo shown during the Tokyo Game Show a couple of weeks ago.

Fans had the chance to put their questions to Tabata during the broadcast too, and we’ve laid out a portion of Gematsu’s translated Q&A below:

‘Q: What about attacks?

A:When you push the attack button, you invoke the standard combo. You can change the actions by using it in coordination with the directional buttons. The actions change depending on your circumstances—things like whether you’re guarding and whether the timing is right, (imagine in this circumstance: when you’re guarding, you might get a chance to counterattack or something), or if your companions are nearby.

Q: Can you change the operational character?

A:Not in its current specifications. Everyone on the development team thoroughly looked into an Active Cross Battle system that made free use of attack, guard, and co-op functions, but as a result they arrived at the conclusion that changing characters would be too difficult. In order to create a new and interesting battle system, we ended up not being able to put in the character switching.

Q: Is jumping in?

A: It is. Considering PlayStation 4 has plenty of buttons, there is an independent jump button.

Q: What about free running?

A: It’s there. Except for the character switching, everything that was in the E3 2013 trailer is still there. All the cool actions like the weapons barrier that surrounds Noctis called “Phantom Sword,” and the short warps and jumping from the Behemoth battle are in the actual game. We’ll release more information later on, so please look forward to it.

Q: What about weapon selection?

A: You set them yourself before battle. You set each weapon considering what actions you can use with which weapons. You can only determine one weapon from the ones equipped to be your main one, but that weapon will come with techniques which can be invoked at your discretion in battle. Besides the basic assault button (attack), you can invoke techniques with the technique button.’

There’s been no release date announced for Final Fantasy XV as yet, but it’s due to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One. Thanks, Kotaku.

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