Destiny's loot caves spawn Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator for PC

Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator

Players have been gathering at Destiny's loot caves whenever they're discovered, and now they can do it outside of Destiny on PC.

If you've been playing Destiny, or maybe even if you haven't, you'll no doubt have heard of the 'loot caves' that players have found throughout the game. Well, one developer has created the ultimate experience for those with withdrawal symptoms since Bungie shut the caves down - Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator.

In Destiny these caves were descended upon by droves of players to basically stand there and shoot at the enemies spawning from them, in the hopes of bagging themselves some rare loot. In Daniel Rosas' game you do exactly the same thing, only with slightly worse graphics.

As a direct parody of the events that have unfolded in Destiny, the game places you infront of a cave and you simply shoot at it. Green, blue, and if you're lucky, purple 'loot' drops from the darkness. However, you're in a fixed position, so you can't go and grab you sweet, sweet, loot.

You can play Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator over here, if you like. Or if you own Destiny you could go and look for a cave there. Thanks, Kotaku.

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