Dota 2 Rekindling Soul patch 6.82 is now live

Dota 2 Shadow Fiend Demon Eater Artwork 1

The latest patch for Valve's MOBA is now live and it's full of changes and extra content.

Remember that new Dota 2 patch we told you about the other day? You know, that one that moved Roshan's cave, added a new rune, gave Shadow Fiend a new look, and basically tweaked a truck-load of other stuff - well, it's now available to download.

There are now two runes that spawn every 2 minutes, one of them will always be the new 'Bounty Rune' that gives you a boost in EXP and gold. Tweaks have been made to the map, not only around Rosh's new home, but in other places too, adding more chances for juking and ganking. There's basically a ton of changes I gave an overview of the other day, or you can go to the actual change log on Dota 2's website here to see more.

Just start up Steam and update the game, if it hasn't already started doing it automatically for you. I tried out the new update earlier, and unsurprisingly my match had a Shadow Fiend in it, with his new look and ability animations. The new bounty rune adds an extra dynamic to the matches, as you know you'll get something when you head to the rune spot, but you never know what. Anyway, take a look at the patch note links above and get it downloaded. Oh, and if you haven't already, join our HITC Steam Group and let's play some Dota 2, or anything else you fancy.

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