A new Destiny loot cave has been found

Destiny Rocketyard Loot Cave PS4 Trophies Screen 1

Bungie patched the game to shut down the loot farming caves, but another location has been found.

We had a good run of farming those loot caves, didn't we? Many players could be seen heading straight to the locations of caves in Destiny that would endlessly spawn enemies for us to shoot at, with the chance to drop those coveted engrams. That was until the devs patched the game to shut down the loot caves.

But fear not, there's word of another place in the game that's like the old loot caves of Earth. YouTube channel PS4 Trophies posted the video below which shows you exactly where you need to go in the Rocketyard on Earth. It's similar to the old loot caves, meaning you need to be past a certain distance to the area you're shooting at to enable the quick respawns. However, this cave appears to be easier to work on solo, as the enemies are running towards you.

I've just tried the location out to make sure it's still worth going there, and yes, it is. It didn't feel as efficient as the old loot cave in the Shipyard, but I think that's due to the fact less enemies appear to spawn from this location. However, keep shooting them down and you're bound to round up a stack of engrams in no time. I spent about 15 minutes here and got a couple of blue and about four green engrams - and it also helped me finish off the Queen's Wrath Bounty to headshot 200 Fallen. Take a look at the video and let us know how you get on.

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