Lionhead reveals InkQuest, the game that will never be

InkQuest prototype screen 1

Lionhead Studios have uploaded a video and some details about the prototype of a game that won't be seeing a release.

Developers of the Fable series, Lionhead Studios, have been working on another game - InkQuest. The title is set in a world within a book call the Inkwell, and it's about a girl who's stuck there and is trying to escape. Sound good? Well, unfortunately it's not being released, it's just a prototype that wasn't given the go ahead for full production.

According to the update on Lionhead Studios' website, InkQuest was spawned from the Lionhead Incubation department. This branch of the studio has one purpose, to think of creative new ideas for video games that may one day be brought forward into full development.

InkQuest was the result of the company's 'Creative Day' game jam they host internally each year. Created by a team of four over a couple of days, the game was presented to the rest of their peers, along with everyone else's concepts. The idea was 'incubated' and expanded upon, eventually becoming a playable prototype of the 'part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game' they'd originally come up with.

'We explored worlds made entirely from words and investigated different ways of telling stories within them. We explored various art styles and developed some amazing technology for a kind of artist's 'performance capture' - capturing and replaying our artist's creative process,' said Lionhead.

As I said above, the game was cancelled, but the studio have uploaded a short trailer to show you what the game was all about. And I'm sure you'll agree, it looks unique and refreshing. It's just a shame it won't be developed further.

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