League of Legends updated with measures to punish ‘negative players’

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Toxic players to be blocked from taking part in ranked matches until behaviour improves.

Riot games has announced a new feature called Ranked Restrictions is now rolling out for League of Legends. The update is being brought in to help discourage unruly players from causing a negative experience for others by banning them from ranked matches.

“For a while now, the Competitive and Player Behavior teams have been working together to emphasize the competitive nature of ranked play, and we recently tested a new feature on PBE,” said Riot. “Known as Ranked Restrictions, the experiment restricted the in-game chat of negative players and prevented them from joining ranked queues until they’d completed the required number of games.

“With the feature proving successful on PBE, we’re rolling it out to test on live servers in NA and EU. Depending on the results of the live test, we’ll continue to add regions globally. With Ranked Restrictions now live-testing on NA and EU, restricted players will be unable to queue up for ranked until they complete a certain number of games in Normal Draft.

“One thing we specifically wanted to address is that Ranked Restricted players will be Chat Restricted in other queues, and they can and should still be reported if they continue to display negative behaviors while playing through their restrictions,” the developer added. “As with Chat Restrictions, after they finish the predetermined number of games, we’ll perform a final evaluation to make sure they’ve actually improved their in-game behavior. Players who haven’t shown improvement will continue to be restricted from playing ranked.”

As a result of the measures, access to Ranked Rewards is also to be determined by a players behaviour. If, at the end of the season a player is Ranked Restricted they won’t be eligible to gain any rewards they might have earned, such as the loading screen borders or Victorious Morgana champion skin.

“While the majority of players will not be affected by this ruling, we wanted to message it well in advance so that players concerned about their behavior have more than enough time to adjust and reform before the end of the season,” said Riot in closing.

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