EA suggesting fixes that don’t seem to solve the issue

Numerous PC players who’ve picked up FIFA 15 are reporting they’re experiencing a major bug that breaks the game.

Only one day after the game released in North America, a number of players on the EA support forums are highlighting the problem. Those affected are getting no sound when a match starts followed by all the players in the match running to the halfway line.

Suggestions of fixes from EA include using the ‘repair game’ option in Origin, trying to disable Origin when playing and using keyboard and mouse to play the game, although said fixes so far don’t seem to have provided a solution.

It has also been suggested that the mass congregation of players in the centre circle could be the result of anti-piracy measures, in a similar fashion to the pixelation glitch in The Sims 4. Players reporting the issue on the forums are however adamant they have bought the game legitimately through Origin.

FIFA 15 is rolling out across Europe tomorrow and the UK on Friday on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, 3DS and Vita, no bugs of a similar nature have been reported as yet on platforms other than PC.

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