United Front Games talk about their new MMO, Triad Wars.

Remember that GTA-like game, Sleeping Dogs? Well the creators of Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games, have released a new video giving more details on their online action title set in the same Hong Kong – Triad Wars.

The game is a spin-off from 2012’s Sleeping Dogs, however instead of playing the role of a good guy cop or similar, you’ll be on the other side, in the criminal underworld, trying to build up your own gang and take turf from your enemies.

From the footage in the video below it looks very much like Sleeping Dogs, which is great. You can see some snippets of the gunplay, martial arts, and driving action in the game, as the devs talk about the aspects of building up your gang and and trying to reach the top of your criminal career.

There’s no mention of price or subscriptions, or even free to play just yet. You can head on over to the game’s website to sign up for the closed beta though.

Triad Wars is due out in early 2015 on PC.

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