Six finishers we can't wait to try out on WWE 2K15

WWE 2K 15 Goldust

There are lots of great finishing moves in WWE but these are the ones we are really looking forward to trying out.

WWE 2k15 will be released in October and so far it looks really impressive. The graphics have had a massive overhaul which make us hopefull for massively improved gameplay too.

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As much as we are all looking forward to getting our hands on this game there is one thing above all that we are really looking forward to, the finishers.

WWE's current roster of superstars have a fantastic range of finishing moves and we look at six of the best which we can't wait to try out in the new game.


6) The Running Bodog

Bo Dallas has been lighting up the WWE Universe since his promotion from NXT with his motivational speeches and powerful moves. The Running Bodog is of course a modified Bulldog, utilising the middle and top ropes, and is certainly the most impressive move we have seen from his arsenal so far.

Here he is is hitting the Running Bodog on Fandango.


5) The PTO or Paige Tap Out

Not all finishers are high octane acrobatics and this has to be up there with the best submission moves in the business. Since Paige came up to WWE from NXT and won the Diva's Championship at her first try the plucky Brit has applied this move to the biggest and best in the business. The PTO also known as the Scorpion Crosslock is a Inverted Sharpshooter with Double Chickenwing combo and genuinely looks like it hurts.

Here is a compilation of the deadly Submission move.


4) The Curb Stomp

Seth Rollins' finisher has to be one of the most brutal in WWE history, a genuine don't try this at home move. Essentially described as 'smashing your opponents head into the ground with your foot' this will be a great move to perform in the game, let's face it no-one is getting up from that one.

Here is The Curb Stomp in all it's horrible glory.


3) Irish Curse Backbreaker

Sheamus has a full range of high damage finishing moves but the Irish Curse Backbreaker is one of the most impressive. Whilst not always employed as a finisher this modified Side Slam Backbreaker always gets the crowd going and we are pretty sure employing it in the game will certainkly win you the match.

Here's Sheamus to show you how it's done.


2) The F-5

Brock Lesnar doesn't really need a finisher, he could quite easily just beat the living daylights out of his opponents without one. However, when someone as brutal as Brock Lesnar wants a finisher he doesn't mess about and the F-5 is a real lights out ending to a match. The F-5 is essentially a Spin-Out Fireman's Carry Face-Buster but that's a bit of a mouthfull, much like the mouthfull of mat your opponents will get when you use it.

Here's the beast incarnate doing what he does best


1) The Red Arrow

Now we don't know yet if Adrian Neville will be included in the final roster for 2K15 but seeing as his NXT rival Tyson Kidd has already been announced it isn't too much of a stretch to imagine he will be. The Red Arrow is one of the single most impressive moves to ever hit the WWE. Taking high flying acrobatics to the next level the Red Arrow is essentially a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press which, if you know your moves, is one of the hardest out there. When the NXT champ pulled this off on Raw a couple of weeks ago the crowd went crazy and so will we if it's in the game.


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