HITC Steam group now live

Steam Logo

The HITC Tech and Gaming team now have a Steam group.

Yes, you read that title correctly, we here at HITC Tech and Gaming, who bring you the latest news, reviews, and other happenings, now have a Steam group. We figured that seeing as Valve updated Steam's interface yesterday and added that new Curator feature, we'd like to get in on that.

Currently we have just three members, consisting of me and my fellow colleagues, Steve Reynolds and Matt Tilke. So if you don't immediately jump at the chance to join our group, at least pity our measly gathering and join out of the want to make us feel better.

Depending on how many members we gather, we plan to host the odd match of Left 4 Dead, Dota 2, Civ V, and basically any other game we fancy really.

We're going to take advantage of the new Curator feature Steam has introduced, so bear with us whilst we add some titles to that which we think you'll enjoy.

So, to summarise, we'd love to have you join our Steam group and take part in the discussion with us about videogames, and maybe even play some with us too. You can join us here - see you soon.

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