First Destiny player reaches level 30 in just two weeks


Clocking up 107 hours of gameplay during 347 games.

Destiny player 'BGTV N3AC3Y' has become the first to reach level 30 in the game according to Destiny DB.

BGTV N3AC3Y reached the heights of level 30 on Monday 22nd September after playing 347 games, killing 18,898 enemies and playing for a total of 107 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds. Roughly a quarter of that time was spent in the Crucible with 13 hours playtime clocked up in the Vault of Glass where BGTV N3AC3Y killed 2008 enemies, died 251 times and pulled off 504 precision kills.

Destiny BGTV N3AC3Y

The Vault of Glass itself first opened up on 16 September for players that have reached level 26.

"No one knows what lies within the Vault of Glass, only that beyond its gates you will face your greatest challenge yet," reads Bungie’s description. "Gather your light. Stand together. Become legend."

Bungie has brought out a new patch today the makes a few activities less of a challenge, also imminent is the Queen’s Wrath Destiny public event.

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