Speedrunner 100% completes GTA 3 in under 7 hours

Grand Theft Auto 3 Screen 1

Those speed runners are at it again, and this time they've tackled Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto III.

Speed runners impress and bewilder me all at the same time - I don't really understand how and why they play through games in order to complete them in the fastest recorded time, but hey, each to their own. The latest speed runner news consists of a player beating everything in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 3 in under 7 hours.

The footage below comes from PeteThePlayer's Youtube channel, and he has uploaded the entire 6 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds it took him to complete the run. This time means he is the current World Record holder for completing the game to 100% completion in the quickest time, according to speedrun.com.

I remember playing GTA III a lot when it first came out, and over the years of going back to it I have never once finished it 100%. Of all the speed runs I've seen, I have to say this is the one that's impressed me the most. Take a look at PeteThePlayer's efforts below, and tell me you could do better?

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