The ex-007 star throws up a potential setting for the new Star Wars movie, beware of possible spoilers.

It’s been suggested that JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars film may take viewers back to a well-known setting from the previous movies.

While plot specifics remain tightly under wraps for Episode VII, the odd rumour here and there has surfaced, some from Abrams himself.

Now details of a potential setting in the new Stars Wars film has come from an unlikely source, that of former James Bond and Simon Templar actor Sir Roger Moore.

Chatting to the the BBC (via ComicBookMovie), Sir Roger, who happens to be a friend of Abrams, mentioned he’s recently been on the set for Star Wars Episode VII. Describing what he saw, he said:”They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow,”

Naturally this leads us to assume that the new Star Wars film could be taking place in part on Hoth, the frozen planet on which a sizeable section of The Empire Strikes Back is set, although of course we could be taken to a whole new mountainous snow-covered planet.

This would seem to support rumours from earlier this year that the frozen home of Wampas and Tauntauns could be seen again, which is also backed up by reports that Star Wars Episode VII would be partly shot in location in Scandinavia.

Alongside a possible return to Hoth in Episode VII, a Tatooine-like desert planet is also thought to be a location. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more Star Wars gossip surfaces.

What do you make of Sir Roger Moore’s reports of mountains and snow in Star Wars Episode VII? Do you think this means Hoth will feature?

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