We’ve rounded up some new TGS trailers for games coming to PS4 that show off some of Japan’s leading game design talent.

Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and plenty of new media for upcoming games has been forthcoming. Here are four trailers we’ve selected that have come out of TGS for PS4 games that are no doubt going to be popular


Bloodborne is being helmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of the Demon’s and Dark Souls games and while Bloodborne is consciously makes things less punishing than the Souls titles, you can still expect some merciless combat. Set in a gothic city filled with horrific monsters, Bloodborne gives you  vicious transforming weapons and bucket loads of blood-splattering gore to pass the time. Bloodborne hits PS4 in February.

Deep Down

Capcoms’s free-to-play dungeon crawler flits between New York in the future and a fantasy Dungeon-land In Medieval Europe, lived in by some giant monsters (dragons included). Players can also jump into each others world to join in on big fights, and given Deep Down in being co-produced by Yoshinori Ono of Street Fighter fame you can expect the combat to be really well done. We don’t know of a western release for Deep Down yet but it launches in Japan in 2015.

Silent Hills


Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima and Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro join up to continue the Silent Hill franchise, showing so far a P T playable tease that caused a fair old stir off the back of Gamescom and now a new concept movie promising some proper twisted horror. There’s a sense they’re pulling out all the stops with this one. Silent Hills will be creeping onto PS4 in 2016.

Yakuza Zero

Also due for PS3, Yakuza Zero may well not come to the west given that we’ve missed out on Yakuza titles for a while. The Yakuza franchise has stayed strong in Japan however, where its engrossing depth of narrative, stylish cinematics and ultraviolence prove a winning combination. Yakua Zero is a prequel to the series which jumps back to the 1980s, no release details are known as yet.

Bonus Trailer

Final Fantasy XV

How about this to reinvigorate your Final Fantasy XV hopes. Despite long time Final Fantasy director Tetsuya Nomura leaving the project this year, things are set to continue at some point for both PS4 and Xbox One, a demo of the game will be available next year.

TGS is still going,  so there may be more PS4 happenings to report on, stay tuned.


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