New Battleborn walkthrough showcases co-op campaign gameplay

Battleborn Pre Aplha Co Op Campaign Walkthrough Screen 1

The new MOBA-style FPS from Gearbox Software has further details and gameplay footage revealed.

Following on from yesterday's snippet of Battleborn's first gameplay footage reveal, the devs have now let loose with an 18 minute video walking players through the co-op campaign gameplay and story.

Aaron Linde and Randy Varnell from Gearbox Software both speak about the origins of the game, and describe what we're seeing in the below footage.

Varnell speaks about the influences from the devs' previous Borderlands games when the team were thinking about what to create next, he says they looked at a lot of the things they  loved about Borderlands such as 'making a lot of characters' and creating a 'sweet unique art style' to  blend their favourite games and genres together to form Battleborn.

Varnell goes on to describe the underlying story of the game and mentions the five factions, and Linde explains each of them briefly in the video below.

The video shows a 5 player campaign mission and showcases each of the distinct characters involved. This is pre-alpha footage, but even at this stage it's looking visually compelling - check it out!

Battleborn is due for release at some point in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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