First gameplay footage for Gearbox's Battleborn draws from MOBAs

Battleborn reveal trailer screen 1

The new game from the creators of Borderlands shows off its gameplay, and it looks quite familiar.

When Gearbox announced their new IP a couple of months back, the company were hesitant to class it as a MOBA, however some new gameplay footage does kind of give you the impression it is exactly that, just in FPS form. That's not a bad thing at all, seriously!

The footage in the video below is not of the final product, as the devs are still working on it to get it ready for a release some time in 2015.

In the gameplay you'll see clear influences from Gearbox's Borderlands games, with a look at the MOBA-like levelling system and waves of enemies. The diverse characters and animations all look great, along with the UI and gameplay, and the humour is there too.

The game takes place around the last remaining star in the universe, following the destruction of all other stars by the evil Varelsi. The surviving species of the universe gather around the final star to defend it, giving us an FPS MOBA-fest full of colourful characters, with co-op and competitive gameplay. Take a look at the footage below.

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