Film Director and VFX Artist Douglas Trumball Develops 4K 3D Format That Projects At 120FPS

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Douglas Trumball Promotes His Format For Avatar Sequels

Visual effects artist and film maker Douglas Trumball recently shared some information on his recent meeting with Jon Landau about possibly using his new format for the up and coming Avatar sequels.

The format which has been dubbed 'MAGI', can project at a 120FPS (frames per second) using conventional digital projectors. The 'MAGI' format has been showcased in a short promotional film called 'UFOTOG' developed by Trumball himself.


When Peter Jackson released his first Hobbit movie, the higher frame rate of 48fps had become the subject of criticism, with many complaining that it was just the latest movie gimmick,and with some feeling uncomfortable at the heightened realism for a film which sits in the fantasy genre. 

Douglas Trumball spoke to the Hollywood Reporter regarding the Hobbit film and the use of the 48fps.

"The Hobbit fell victim to the 'uncanny valley', but when you dramatically increase the frame rate to 120 fps you jump over the valley to a whole new territory."

He then explained with regards to the look of his new format.

"It delivers extreme fluidity of motion and amazing clarity with no strobing, no double flickering and a viewing experience that far exceeds conventional movie quality. Michael Bay is going to make an even worse Transformers movie because there won’t be any motion blur."

I admire and respect film makers for wanting to pioneer new techniques in the story telling process. But as of yet, I am yet to be sold the 3D format, let a lone higher frame rates. For me the 3D technique has been a distraction to my movie experience.

Maybe the new formats will just take time for us to get accustomed too? With a new generation of viewers accepting it as the normal movie experience.