DC Universe Online Kyle Rayner Legends Character on Marketplace

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Another new Legends PvP character has been been added to the marketplace and legends vendor...

Superheroes and Villains, if you happen to be a member of the game (legendary), Kyle Rayner is available in both the marketplace and at the legends PvP vendor. 

When purchasing from the vendor, Kyle will cost 100 Marks of Legend and will only be available on the character that purchases it, however when purchasing on the marketplace, Kyle will be available on every character on the account. Kyle Rayner uses a blue sword, (one handed) and dual wields both a green and blue ring, giving him both Green and Blue lantern powers. This is available on PS3, PS4 and PC.

Guy Gardner is playable on the PC test server, so this character will be on the way soon enough, Guy Gardner, like Kyle, dual wields two rings, Red and Green.

We definitely know of Flash, Green Arrow, Shazam and Deathstroke coming to Legends PvP in the near future, is there any characters you would like to see?

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