This week’s new PS4 games

Kickbeat Special Edition

What’s new on PS4 this week, including Kickbeat and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heros

Five games are due for PS4 in the week commencing 15th September across North America and Europe

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition

Air Conflicts: VUE gets released in North America this week. An exclusive to PS4, this flight sim makes use of the console in action centered around the Vietnam war. Play as US navy pilot Joe Thompson and as Vietnamese ace Nguyen An Toon in the Lost Letters campaign.

Anomaly 2

Described by developers 11 bit games as a "tower offense strategy - or reversed tower defense,"  this game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth. Keeping core elements from the original, Anomaly 2 adds new elements to the single player campaign and the new dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode.


Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game

Coming as a digital cross buy for PS3 and PS4, Fibbage is a party game that is all about fooling your friends with lies, whilst spotting thiers as you seek to find the (usually outrageous) truth. Fibbage also allows for you to use your phone or tablet to control the game.


Kickbeat Special Edition

Zen Studios’ experimental martial arts rhythm game will be up for download this week. Pressing buttons in time to the music to pull off your moves, this game has fully 3D characters, a high energy soundtrack and a full length single player campaign with a uniquely styled artwork

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super heros

Combining properties from both the Marvel and Disney universes, Disney's NFC figure game returns with plotlines following The Avengers, Spider-man and Guardians of the Galaxy.



Those are the new PS4 games this week. leave a comment if you’re thinking about getting any of them

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