Five games we'd like to see on PS4

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Be they rumours, delayed releases or just wishful thinking on our part, here are five games we think will be awesome on PS4

Red Dead Redemption 2

Read Dead Redemption horse cover

Get a horse, ride it off a cliff, find another, shoot a bear, get into a fight in a saloon bar and save a damsel being hounded by bandits; all in a days work for John Marston. Red Dead shined brightly as an open world adventure on PS3, even the sell-out, customary zombie add-on was fun, although you did spend a lot of time climbing onto roof tops. There’s been some recent speculation that Rockstar may well be starting work on Red Dead 2, which considering the success of the original, makes a strong case that it will be the developer’s next game.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Team Ico has a pedigree of producing console defining works on PlayStation and The Last Guardian had all the indicators that the studio’s brand of beautifully realised, existential fantasy adventure was set to continue. Sadly beset by major holdups, the game has all but disappeared into obscurity, although recent noises from Yoshida-san give hope that The Last Guardian is not forgotten.

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the beast cover

A strong contender for one of the best Amiga games, Shadow of the Beast initially got the Sony reboot nod in 2013, since then however things have gone a bit quiet. This said, no official announcement the game has been cancelled has been made, so for now it seems like we’ll just need to exercise some patience. We’re still left asking the questions; how will the Shadow of the Beast reboot:pay homage to the original? And, will the new version be able to hold it’s own, or pale as a nostalgia-driven remake that sells itself on the the name of the original whilst being mediocre.

A new game from ThatGameCompany

Journey Cover

An entry on TGC’s website states the company is working on a new game. What it will be is a complete mystery. but there’s no reason to expect it will be anything but awesome if the company picks up from the high-note that was Journey. Whatever comes next we expect to have great artwork and music, powerful emotive effect and free, explorative gameplay. While we wait for TGC’s next game, you will be able to check out Journey on PS4 at some point this year, and next year. Abzu is slated to arrive, which comes from previous Journey collaborators and promises a similar experience

A new IP from Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog Logo

We know Uncharted 4 is on the way and Naughty Dog, seeing a second successful reception of The Last of Us on PS4, have talked about a sequel for TLOU (milk that cash cow!). But how about something new? Maybe go darker and have a go at a film noire/unreliable narrator plotline, or something sci-fi/fantasy based. Of course, this is all wishful thinking for the time being, but we’d like to see Naughty Dog go somewhere new with their next action adventure.

These are just tive of the titles we’re waiting and/or hoping for on PS4, but there are plenty more that come to mind.

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