When does Homeland season 4 start? - All you need to know

Homeland Tower Of David

The fourth season of Homeland is fast-approaching, which means not long to wait until we find out what Carrie Mathison does next...

This article contains spoilers and should only be read if you have seen Homeland’s first three seasons in their entirety…or if you do not mind knowing what most people cover their ears to avoid.

Okay, here goes:

Fans eager to find out what happens to Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson and co do not have much longer to wait, with the fourth season of Homeland beginning in the US on Showtime on October 5.

It has been announced that the season premiere will consist of a double episode, allowing fans to get fully immersed in proceedings from the very beginning.

Following the death of Nicholas Brody at the end of season three, this year sees Carrie – played by Claire Danes – in her role as Station Chief in Afghanistan; and the recently-released trailer reveals that it is not long before she has another crisis on her hands.

After some missteps in season three, the new trailer suggests the show is getting back to what it does best – action, conspiracy and intrigue. In short: no more misadventures of Dana Brody or swiftly-forgotten drug addictions.

The show will air in the UK shortly after its October premiere in the US, with Channel 4 once again bringing us all the action.

While it will be a very different show without Damian Lewis’s Brody that is not necessarily a bad thing, with his once-fascinating storyline well and truly exhausted by the time of his shocking demise.

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