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Adam's in full-swing with his review of Bungie's new sci-fi FPS, and he took some time out to offer other players some tips on getting the most out of the game.

Greetings fellow Guardians, are you enjoying your time in Destiny so far? Well, whether you are, or whether you're struggling, I've got some handy tips that should either enhance your already-enjoyable experience, or at least help you if you're a bit lost.

I'm currently working my way to level 26 with my Warlock in my review of the game, in anticipation of the new Raid which opens up on Tuesday next week. So, whilst I'm not as far ahead as many other players, I have noticed a few things that have helped me along the way to boost my experience gains and enjoyment.

Missions tips

Pick up bounties from Xander 99-40 at the Tower

This is a must - taking that little extra bit of time to stop off at the tower to hand in, and pick up, new bounties will boost your experience and reputation gains, and also reward you with some gear upgrades. You can take on a maximum of 5 bounties at a time, either for completing in the missions or in PVP, at the Crucible.

Make sure you have your optimum gear equipped at all times

Yeah, this is a no-brainer, right? But you'd be surprised at how many times I've overlooked a new piece of gear or weapon. Regularly check your inventory, just in case you've missed an item pick up, and equip the items you want to level up too, as the experience gains from the bounties above also apply to them.

Explore the environments, there's more out there than you think

Jumping from mission to mission is fun enough, but there's a whole load more to be discovered by doing Patrols. Patrols are essentially the open-world part of Destiny, they allow you to explore a planet without a set goal, unless you pick up one of the random beacon missions whilst you're roaming about. Go off the beaten path, check out that cave, or descend those steel steps into the darkness - you're bound to find something.

Use your sparrow

Moving from mission to mission can sometimes take a while on foot, so make sure you get on your sparrow to shorten the travel time, and increase your experience gain efficiency.

Adapt to your situation

In Destiny you can switch gear on the fly, although remember to be somewhere safe to do this as the game doesn't actually pause. If you're moving from an open area outside, where you've been picking off enemies with a sniper rifle, to a tight indoor area, you may want to change to a shotgun for example.

Dismantle unwanted items

The main currency in Destiny is called 'Glimmer', and instead of selling unwanted weapons and gear, you dismantle it in your inventory screen, giving you Glimmer. Doing this can also yield other items, depending on the gear's rarity, and you can perform dismantling at any time.

Share the wealth

If you have items you don't fancy dismantling for hard currency, why not store them in your Vault? Vaults can be found at the Tower, right next to where you spawn. They act as extra inventory space and storage, plus any of your other characters will be able to access the items stored within. Class-specific items can't be used between classes, but that Hand Cannon you picked up as your Warlock might be useful for your Hunter.

Find the weak points

Most enemies in Destiny take increased damage when shot in the head, or certain weak points. You'll notice the damage counter appear as yellow, instead of white, when you've hit a weak point. Try to aim for these points at every opportunity, to conserve ammo, and to cut through enemies more quickly.


PVP Tips

Tool up, you never know when you'll need that sniper rifle

PVP in the Crucible is fun, but unlike other online shooters, in Destiny you take whatever you're carrying into combat. Make sure you have all weapons for all situations, as the maps can differ greatly, and make sure you pick your optimum loadout before you enter the Crucible.

Headshots or go home

Just like in the mission-based section of the game, hitting those weak points on your enemies in PVP is just as vital - although this time it's all about the headshot. Hopefully your time aiming at the computer-controlled enemies has readied you for the fast-paced combat of the Crucible, if not, you're likely to get dropped pretty quickly.

Show off your ride

In the more open maps it's always best to hop on your Sparrow and propel yourself into the fray - sauntering on down will often mean you're late to capture a control point, or even save an ally.

Bring out the big guns

Ammo is in short supply in the Crucible, you only start off with ammo for your primary weapon, and a few rounds for your special weapon. Ammo for your special and heavy weapons must be picked up from ammo crates dotted around the maps, and it'll show up on your HUD as either a green or purple icon - be quick to pick them up once the announcer signals its arrival.

Use the light, always the light

As Guardians you can wield supernatural powers, granted by the presence of the Traveler - don't forget about them. As soon as you become Super Charged, or your grenade's timer has refreshed, make sure you use those abilities at the next opportunity - you may even score a kill.

Don't always go for glory

Bagging yourself a load of kills is great, but it doesn't always help if you're constantly hunting down the enemy during a game of Control. Make sure you aid your team by capturing those points, and also defending them. Hey, you may get lucky and your enemies will come to you, just make sure you're ready for them.

Bounties, bounties, bounties

As mentioned in the mission tips above, the Crucible has its own set of bounties available. Be sure to stock up before heading into combat to get the most out of your time there. 

Those are some of my tips for getting to most out of your time with Destiny. I'll add more as I continue my journey in the game, but make sure you let us know what your tips and strategies are too.

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