Following the release of Bungie and Activision’s FPS mythic sci-fi game, we have some images of what the UK could look like in the future.

Destiny has been in players’ hands for the past few days now, and I’ve also been doing my part to fight The Darkness this week too. But, as the game uses our own galaxy as the setting to tell its story, complete with futuristic space travel and talk of a Golden Age brought by the arrival of The Traveller, Activision and Bungie have worked with the National Space Centre to see what the UK could look like in the future when space travel is real.

Similarly in the images below, Destiny lets you travel to the futuristic imaginings of the Russian Cosmodrome, which is the real-world site of Earth’s first and largest space facility, and where Sputnik 1 (the first artificial Earth satellite) was launched in 1957. In the game the site looks quite different from today’s real-world counterpart, as humanity has gone through a Golden Age of space travel, and reached the brink of extinction with the arrival of The Darkness years later.

In the images we’re given a glimpse into what some of the UK’s cities could look like if we were to enter a Golden Age of space travel, just like in Destiny.

The UK cities are shown as they appear today, along with artist’s impressions of how they could look with space-age buildings and vehicles.

London today

London in the future

Manchester today

Manchester in the future

Cardiff today

Cardiff in the future

Glasgow today

Glasgow in the future

Newcastle today

Newcastle in the future

To give insight into just how far off we are from reaching scenes in the above images, The National Space Centre gave some information into where we’re at today. They say that the future of space travel appears to be pushed by commercial interests, instead of NASA, who you may have expected to be pioneering the venture. NASA is otherwise focussed on larger space exploration and science projects.

A project called ‘Mars One’ is also in the works, which wants to send the first people to the Red Planet. Led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, the project plans to send four applicants to Mars by 2024, with the entire journey being documented for a reality TV show. You can find out more on the official website of the project.

In the UK we have a company that’s developing a spacecraft called Skylon, an unpiloted, re-usable craft which will carry passengers into space and re-enter Earth’s atmosphere to land on a runway. A UK spaceport is being talked of in 2018, with eight locations currently shortlisted for the project.

For more insights into the future of space travel head on over to the National Space Centre’s website.

Destiny is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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