Everyone loves a good ‘Fail compilation’; if you love gaming this should be twice as entertaining.

For many of us, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching people trying to do crazy things. Viewers of such stunts and bravado are generally the winners. Why? Well if they manage to pull it off then we get to see something cool, if something calamitous happens, we laugh, wince and in many cases, do both.

With millions of views on Youtube calamity seems to win every time, so much so that fail compilations videos are some of the most popular and entertaining collections of certain doom that visitors to the site can watch.

Now thanks to some clever video editing, Youtuber Pastek has combined a few of the most popular fails with a certain plumber. That’s right, Super Bad Mario is to blame for some of them to hilarious results.

How can this be you may ask? Well, check it out and see for yourself. (WARNING: It does have some bad language in it)


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