6 of the best 8-Bit game soundtracks you need to hear

Pac-Man Super Smash Bros

There are so many classic game soundtracks, here are six of our favorites from the 8-Bit era.

Over the years there have been many amazing soundtracks which have accompanied our favourite games. In some cases these have become iconic and others have been resigned to sit in the subconscious of only the most hardcore fans.

With this in mind we have put together a list of our top six soundtracks, kicking off with the golden age of 8-bit gaming, to jog the memory and evoke old emotions.

6 - Xenon 2 - Main Theme (Sega Master System)

The soundtrack for Xenon 2 was written by Electro & Hip Hop legend Bomb The Bass and was so popular at the time that when he released this as a single it went to Number 6 in the UK Charts. This was also one of the first examples of vocal samples being used in a games soundtrack as apposed to the usual bitcrushed synth sounds.


5 - Tetris - Music B (Nintendo Game Boy)

Whilst many would choose the iconic and well known Music A we have decided to go with the lesser known Music B. Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, this theme evokes images of the old USSR and is a more traditional piece of music that whilst largely forgotten is still a classic. 


4 - Mega Man - Elec Man Theme (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Many of the levels on Mega Man are fondly remembered for their uptempo evocative themes and the one that always stands out the most is Manami Matsumae's Elec Man Theme. With a great beat and fantastic lead it truly is a classic.


3 - Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Sega Master System)

A peice of music that will stand up forever as one of the all time greats, Masato Nakamura's Green Hill Zone is surely the most famous peice of music from the Sonic games. If you didn't hear this in your childhood then either you were the wrong age or we feel really sorry for you.


2 - Super Mario Bros. - Ground Theme (Nintendo Entertainment System)

We don't think that it would be an understatement to suggest that this is the most famous computer game theme of all time, you would be hard pushed to find someone who couldn't tell you what it was from. In fact this peice of music is so well known that Koji Kondo's iconic theme has featured on no less than 30 other games from the Gameboy to the WiiU. It has also been performed by several national orchestras around the world and has been covered and remixed by top artists.

One of the all time greats but our number one spot is reserved for something else.

1 - Legend of Zelda - Overworld Theme (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Whilst Super Mario Bros may have reached into the subliminal concious of millions around the world whether they are gamers or not, this theme is surely the gamers choice. Another composition from Koji Kondo, the Overground theme is one that is impossible to hear without reliving that classic game. It is an emotional and uplifting peice with an adult seriousness to it which other games tended to miss out on at the time. Yet again this peice of music has become a staple for several national orchestras as well as marching bands and countless cover versions on Youtube. A true masterpeice which fully deserves it's place in our number one spot.



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