New Device Stops Hacking Threats.

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A New Device Has Been Developed To Stop Potential Hackers Gaining Access To Personal WIFI Networks.

Feeling paranoid after all the Edward Snowden / NSA security leaks? worried that someone could potentially access your own personal network?

Well lucky for you there is now a new device developed by programmer Julian Oliver. The device is no larger than a computer adaptor and can be transported easily. The device which has been called the Cyborg Unplug, detects an unrecognised appliance, it then alerts the owner of the Wi-Fi network with a flashing light, or a sound through speakers and will also send a text message to the user’s cell phone warning him of the intrusion. 

“Basically it’s a wireless defense shield for your home or place of work,” Oliver says. “The intent is to counter a growing and tangibly troubling emergence of wirelessly capable devices that are used and abused for surveillance and voyeurism,” he told

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The idea was born after a friend complained to him about a potential hack to his system which had allowed a google glass device to post pictures from an exhibition he had hosted. Oliver was able to recognise the weakness and wrote a program to prevent it. Soon after Oliver found himself inundated with requests from business's to help them protect their networks, so the Cyborg Unplug was developed.

There are currently two versions of the adaptor available. One version features an 'All Out Mode' which will disrupt any surveillance device within the device's vicinity. Although the company can claim no responsibility for this mode as it depends on the laws within a persons area. But ultimately the owner of the device will be able to grant privileges to certain devices and target those which are not specified within an owners network. 

For more details on the device I have embedded a video below, (excuse the robot voice)