Clothing Line 'The Affair' Create Stealth Pocket In The Wake Of Big Brother

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A London Based Firm Create New Line Of Clothing Inspired By George Orwell's 1984.

It seems where ever we turn these days there is a new revelation that comes out about the spying amongst governments and its people, or leaked private photos of celebrities. It seems we now live in a society of constant mistrust, and although we have embraced technology at the hest of making our lives more convenient, there are some out there who are fighting back against it. 

A London based firm called 'The Affair'  have designed a clothing line which does just that.

The firm which was started up by two former advertising executives, have designed a removable pocket, dubbed the 'Un-pocket' which draws on the same technology that police use to stop suspects wiping digital evidence. The pocket is lined with metal covered fibres which are capable of blocking mobile, Wi-Fi, GPS and RFID signals. 

The Pockets can be bought separately or as part of a clothing item and the pockets measure 4.25 x 6.25 inches (11 x 16 cm). Which are ideal for passports and contactless cards. The clothing range has very aptly been called the '1984' range

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Co-Founder Zoltan Csaki explained what the motivation was behind the start up of such a clothing line.  

‘When news of Snowden and the NSA broke last year we couldn’t sit idle whilst our basic human rights were eroded,’ said Co-Founder Zoltan Csaki. 

‘The government is watching everyone via our smart phones: telescreens beyond George Orwell’s wildest dreams. It’s time to fight back.’ as stated on the companies kickstarter campaign.

Edward Snowden proved that Big Brother is no longer fiction,’

 The firm believe if they can raise enough funds, they could be distributing their product by February of next year. Check out the firms Kickstarter page here



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