Season Five of AMC’s Hit Show Teases The Living With This New Trailer

Oh yes, it is not only getting closer to Christmas, but we are also nearing the season five premier for AMC‘s the Walking Dead, and what better way to get our blood flowing than a release of a new trailer.

For those of you that are up to speed on the show, will know that Rick and the gang are, well how shall we say, in a bit of a pickle. But when aren’t they? 

The show has received some criticism over its previous seasons (Season two, cough cough). But I have enjoyed all of them so far. Yes the pacing changed but I thought it was an interesting insight into group dynamics and the development of characters going forward. Which gave the loss of a character all that more impact.

The TV show’s season 4 premier opened to a 16.1 million viewing number. Lets see if this series continues to go from strength to strength (or limb to limb)

Check Out The New Trailer Below.     

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