DCUO: Game Update 40 and base decorations on marketplace

DC Universe Online

GU 40 went live a few days ago introducing weapon mastery customization, a gadgets update and more.

Superheroes and Villains, Game update 40 has introduced many new features to DCUO which have generally served as improvements to the game.

Gadgets powers have been revised and updated giving the gadgets powers the same damage output potential as pet powers, cast powers, damage over time powers, combo powers and weapon mastery combos. There are various new mechanics centered around advanced interactions players can use to increase damage.

Weapon Mastery weapon styles are now customizable, and if you don't have any styles for a specific weapon, you will be given a default glowing weapon which you can change the colours of. These can be customized in the style UI underneath weapon style, you will be introduced to two new options, weapon mastery one and weapon mastery two.

Vending Unit 22, the rare styles vendor, has been updated with some more style sets to collect. The vendor remains located in the HQ - JLA Watchtower and Hall of Doom, and all of the rare styles will cost 70 marks of fury to purchase.

The base mainframe has been upgraded, now offering Mk III boosts for all 5 mainframe upgrades. When the Mk III boosts are in place, Backup is now much stronger and deals heavy damage over a short period of time, Sidekick is now stronger and shields, heals and provides power over time to the player while taking aggro from NPCs, Supply Drop is now much more replenishing, giving more power and healing to the player standing inside the AoE radius, Orbital Strike now does much more damage and deals additional damage against bosses, and finally, Tactical Mods are now far stronger offering Tier V selections for a few categories. Mk III boosts will cost the player 15,625 Marks of Triumph.

In addition to this, many base items are now available on the marketplace as part of bundles, ranging from Egyptian and Greek statues, to prehistoric trophy displays to room dividers and much more... If you want to stock up on some decorations for you hideout, lair or league hall, head over to the marketplace.

What do you want to see updated in GU41? Let us know... We will keep you updated.


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