A Team Fortress Image Finds Its Way Into Russian Documentary

A Russian documentary exploring the events of World War One have embarrassingly used an image from  DeviantArt user ‘TankTaur ‘.The image is from a Team Fortress 2 propaganda competition which ran in 2009.

The image appeared alongside other images in the documentary which was explaining the use of propaganda to help enlist American Soldiers of that era. 

What is especially funny about this scenario, is clearly no one involved,either did not check the material going into the documentary or could not read English. For  the image states “Soldiers Eat Babies, That’s A Fact”  It then goes onto state ” Think Of The Children. Join Team Demoman Today, and Make Those Monsters Pay.”

Anyone who has played Team Fortress knows that ‘Demoman’ is a class which can be picked in the game, each class having different attributes depending on your playing style and strategy.

In any case it certainly was a funny story for us this morning at HITC. 

Check out the clip below at the 9.59 mark 




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