Italians Develop Technology That Collects Energy From Traffic


New Paving Technology Could Extract Clean Energy From Traffic

A new technology called 'Lybra' has been designed to convert the kinetic energy generated by motor vehicles, into clean electric energy. The technology has been developed by a company called "Underground Power"

Lybra can be described as a rubber paving which is layed down in sheets of 100mm depth, 3000mm wide and a 1000mm long. CEO Andrea Pirisi told Euronews TV his plan on where to have the sheets installed.

“What we propose is an innovative and smart system to recover and absorb energy from cars by slowing them down, increasing road safety and producing green energy by using energy that the car would disperse anyway through its brakes,”

This would likely mean that the sheets would be installed at crossings or traffic signals. Areas of deceleration.

The technology was built in cooperation with the University of Polytechnics in Milan and is capable of generating a 100 thousand kWh per year with a chain of the ten devices.


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