New Xbox games this week include free to play and Dance Central action

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Microsoft's Xbox One receives a few new games this week, whilst the Xbox 360 is lacking.

Xbox 360 owners, it doesn't appear to be a week of any game releases for you, however Destiny is out next week so you have that to look forward to at least. Xbox One owners on the other hand, you've got three titles to choose from starting today.

First up there's Dance Central Spotlight, which is to be sold digitally via the Xbox Games Store for the first time in the Dance Central series. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate also lands today in the US, with the UK receiving it on Friday - it's an update to the game Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate and includes new characters along with two new stories.

A free to play title,Warframe, is also available today. It was originally released on PC in March last year, and uses in-game currency that can be purchased via microstransactions.

And finally, we've left Minecraft on here, yet again, as the Xbox One version could be released at any moment. The developers, 4J Studios, sent the game off to Microsoft for testing last week, so we'll have to keep an eye out to see whether it passes or not.

This week’s Xbox releases are as follows:

Xbox One

Dance Central Spotlight - 2nd September

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - 2nd September US, 5th September UK

Warframe - 2nd September

Minecraft - September


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