Grab your 3 free Xbox Games with Gold for September now

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Microsoft's latest free game offerings for Xbox 360 and Xbox One include Monaco, Halo: Reach, and Super Time Force.

The news dropped of September's free roundup of games for Xbox owners a few days ago, and since Monday you can now pick up the first three games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

So, let's take a look at what's on offer this month. On Xbox 360 the first of September's two free titles is Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, an indie title from devs Pocketwatch Games. 

In Monaco you must work through a series of levels from a top-down perspective, executing heists in a load of different locations such as banks, jewellery stores, and even a night club. You can play as one of eight characters, who're gradually unlocked as you progress, that each possess their own specific skills; for example, The Cleaner can knock enemies out, allowing you to move past them; and the Pickpocket has a pet monkey that picks up loot undetected. The game offers 2-4 player co-op too, which is where the game is at its most fun.

The second free game on Xbox 360 is Halo: Reach, but that's not available until 16th September, when Monaco's free time ends - we'll remind you and give you some further details on Halo at the time.

Xbox One owners will still be able to download Crimson Dragon throughout September, which was one of August's free games. We talked a little about it over here.

The new game up for download on Xbox One is Super Time Force, a side-scrolling shooter that uses interesting time mechanics in order to complete it's levels. When playing the game you must work your way through different stages set it time periods that each have their own distinct theme. You get hit by a stray bullet or an enemy running at you and you're dead, but you've got 30 lives, so when you die you can simply rewind time, choose another character, and replay that section again - although this time your previous life, or lives, are there with you to help. It's a fun and interesting take on the side-scrolling shooter, with plenty of humour and a few pop culture references to boot.

As I said above, Halo: Reach will be available on Xbox 360 from 16th September, with Super Time Force and Crimson Dragon being available for Xbox One throughout the month. Get those consoles fired up and download these games now, then let us know what you think of them.

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