New Civilization Beyond Earth gameplay gives you 'Master Control'

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The new 4X, turn-based strategy title talks Purity Affinity, Krakens, and cybernetic implants.

Yesterday the Civilization: Beyond Earth devs, Firaxis, released a new gameplay video for the game. This footage follows on from their livestream videos detailing the aliens and seeded-start aspects of the new 4X title.

In the latest footage it's all about what a colony could look like, and how it will function, once it's arrived at its full potential.

The AI in the video, the 'Master Control' wonder, explains about the 'Purity Affinity, which means the beliefs of the faction ensures their colonization of the planet will terraform it to allow for human settlement, instead of altering humans using cybernetics and other invasive procedures to adapt to the planet.

The 'Kraken' is also showcased, causing the colony to engage it in combat due to it being deemed a threat. A faction which uses the cybernetics I mentioned above also appears, pushing the 'Purity Affinity' aligned faction to attack using orbital strikes. Take a look at the video below.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due for release on 24th October for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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